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2/2/14 by tanasastefan
Updated 2/2/14

i finished 95 % my firist scene for spacegod collab..

i cant finish those because i dont found the Fukchinger sound of UZI D:D:D:D:D:D:DD:D:D SO MUCh Failz



Special thanks.. to Sanfort making the biotech solders i realy like them :]

i want to add in my movie: zombie the aliens with 1 eye.. and a gigant


EDIT: Thank you for making making me this char dude..

Thank you Sanfort4495041_139137166722_Stefan123.jpg


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Meh!? This didn't even show up in my notifications bar!! Damn you NG!!
Anyways your welcome for the sprites I worked hard to make them



Lookin good!
Also If you check the comments on Cethics page he gave me a link to all of his gun sounds. Helped me a lot.

2/2/14 tanasastefan responds:

ok ty

Search for 'Madness Combat Resources', they have very much sounds ;)

2/2/14 tanasastefan responds:




What sound of UZI do you mean? Shooting sound?

2/2/14 tanasastefan responds:

yes dude..

Very Good!

2/2/14 tanasastefan responds:

ty dude