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2015-02-25 05:15:19 by tanasastefan

Happy birthday to me ! ^^..

Anyway i see things are dying here.. and to "things' i mean ( madness comunity ) ...

I'm not dead.. i just don't have so much animating , got a lot of things to do ;__; ...

Mayby i will be back with a realy small movie  but not in the style   :  come in a house full of agent's kill them.. then   fucking  dramatic ending..

i see a lot of MD animators started to make BK ( bunny kill ) that's great and very creative.. the legs let you make more action than MD leg's..

Anyway i'm out i need to go school i will make a post later to what i want to achive in this year...   first of them are :  i want to learn to make sprites.. and the most the background's ! and Kkots you realy did a good job i love the way you  draw and you'r animation skill are realy good...  you make realy a cool Knight...

And thank you 1999Elias   for helping me with the sprites.. you realy did a good job ! thank you for belive in me ! ^^

See you later guys,

           I love you ^^


2014-07-10 05:59:00 by tanasastefan

Hey guys..  im really sorry in what i say in my last post.. i was realy idiot ;/

Anyway.. i hope you guys arent mad at me :o3..

I want to start and give a chance again for madness if you want or not  i made a **** TEST **** 5 % finished

there is ... : http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/c65fc3c875e134a0bd69500601772491      to smooth? tell me the truth please.. i well need any advice to help me..

P.S I want to all of you guys forgot what i say in my last Post .. ;[

Hace a nice day!

BYe forever im not lying

2014-04-20 14:35:25 by tanasastefan

Goodbye .. and now guys do you want the truth? when i firist joined the NG.. i didnt animated for me or for fun.. i animated because i was very bored of games... and i didnt know what to do .. so i found FLASH AND MADNESS COMBAT ... and i wanted to animatie TO WIN MONEY AND to be FUCKING POPULAR.. but i  see you guys are very retarded.. and you guys don;t care about me when i post a new madness combat test ... or someting.. and you care only when im lying and i post idiots things like my last post SO YOU GUYS ARE SO AYESOME...

BYE ELIAS.. i will dont give afuk about madness or NG I PROMISE.. I WILL STOP OPEN THIS Webssite for ever.. PLEASe i want to be banned..

AND  i dont care what you guys will say .. you can tell me spacefaggot 2 .. or tanasaFAGGOT i dont give a fuck..

BYE FOREVER  i will die in hell if i will open this webssite 1 more time!

Hello guys...

2014-04-19 17:07:41 by tanasastefan

Hello , There!

In my last post i said im Dead.. -.- .. well i don't know why i said that.. oh Yes! .. well cuz i was mother fucked bored of making madness combat animation and i didn't want to hear about madness.. because im a noob animator and bla bla blablablalbalbalblal ...

Anyway.. i think i will be back madness combat.. !

I want to start a project.. i don't care if i will be ugly or bad..i will finish it !

Anyway.. in this time when i was "Dead" i made some backgrounds and some sprites



yeah with the Elias weampons ( i know my sprites are ugly )



Background :




2014-03-31 14:48:51 by tanasastefan



2014-03-21 15:27:20 by tanasastefan


anyway.. i think i will leave animating... because im very idiot.. and i cant improve...

i know nobody will dont give a fuk anyway.. here is the test..


i will be still online in newgrounds support you...

Bye forever

Inactive user?

2014-03-21 13:32:20 by tanasastefan

Hellow.. if you dont know.. why i didnt was active .. is becaused i unnistal my windows to my pc so... all my project are deleted.. *sigh* ...


   Im gonna make animation and trying to join collabs.. anybody know an available collab?:D

Have a nice day..

very old animation

2014-03-07 20:33:50 by tanasastefan



very old animation...

... nothing new now.. just trying to join collabs and trying to finish my movie ..hehe

have a nice day...

Lost 2 fans??

2014-02-28 14:35:07 by tanasastefan

i lost 2 fans why??

maybe im hacked?:D


2014-02-16 16:47:15 by tanasastefan

I know i didnt not fucking improved ..anyway i still dont care..

Mayby this will be the part of my own madness series? i dont know and i dont care.. anyway i lost a lot of time on


And the school.. yeah..

here is the test anyway:


watch it if you want to die

P.S kkots dont waste time writting i know its just an idiot test.. the hands are missplaced  , bad feet walking i know !

so dont wasting your time writting ...

Have a nice day all

another P.S my girl  friend( not that way of girlfriend i mean ) aunt died today.. :[