2014-02-16 16:47:15 by tanasastefan

I know i didnt not fucking improved ..anyway i still dont care..

Mayby this will be the part of my own madness series? i dont know and i dont care.. anyway i lost a lot of time on


And the school.. yeah..

here is the test anyway:


watch it if you want to die

P.S kkots dont waste time writting i know its just an idiot test.. the hands are missplaced  , bad feet walking i know !

so dont wasting your time writting ...

Have a nice day all

another P.S my girl  friend( not that way of girlfriend i mean ) aunt died today.. :[


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2014-02-16 18:54:45

1) Too weak recoil from pistols.
2) Shotgun shot lines are not visible well enough.
3) The flip dodging move is executed extremely slowly. This does not appear to be slow-mo in any way.
4) Bad feet animation at start. The rest is OK
Hands are not misplaced.
The character is not moving vertically, but that's more of insufficient action choreographing than a mistake.

This report is purely technical feedback. I do not mean to express any kinds of emotions.
Hope you find my report useful and keep on going.

tanasastefan responds:

yeah thanks


2014-02-16 19:00:17

@kkots stop pointing mistakes, please, or my head gonna explode.


2014-02-16 20:15:27

I know a few people from whom my head explodes.
I just ignore those people.
I advice you do the same to me.


2014-02-17 08:43:58

Good test now if you want you can join to the collab

tanasastefan responds:

YEAH finally :D:D:D:D! thanks i will join


2014-02-17 13:38:46

that jump is too slow but otherwise you are very good animator :)

tanasastefan responds:

Sorry for my late respond :D:D:D !
And thanks for that comment.. its mean a lot for me :D:D


2014-02-23 12:13:56

you have 1 problem : feet movement!

tanasastefan responds:



2014-02-27 16:46:26

lol kil urself fgt

tanasastefan responds:

who the fuk are you? xD


2014-02-27 17:50:45

:DDD @madnesia19 i luv u


tanasastefan responds:

i luv u .. lets fap :D i like to watch madess combat hentai u like too?


2014-02-28 07:51:15

Oh damn, are you hacked too??

tanasastefan responds:

lol :D haters gonna hate .. no i dont think... because spacefaggot.. ( i dont know why guys you tell him like dat ) is my fan :D


2014-02-28 08:51:41

You lost a fan lel

tanasastefan responds:

Lol why?