2014-03-21 15:27:20 by tanasastefan


anyway.. i think i will leave animating... because im very idiot.. and i cant improve...

i know nobody will dont give a fuk anyway.. here is the test..

i will be still online in newgrounds support you...

Bye forever


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2014-03-21 20:29:51

Why you're leaving man? And who said you're an idiot and that you can't improve?

tanasastefan responds:

nobody said that.. is just in my mind.. but i can't realy improve.. im a noob animator :[


2014-03-22 01:53:16

I came upon lot of bad stuff until I came upon this profile, but now you don't even want to make stuff...

tanasastefan responds:

i want to make stuff.. but i don't like the style how i animate.. i want to grow up to be a better animator ... but i can't i animate like a Sh*ter


2014-03-22 09:45:54

Who said you animate like shit?
No, you have potential, dude.
Just keep practising?

tanasastefan responds:

Oh Madnesia =D! hello.. mayby .. i will be back :D.. why not..
i go now animate :)


2014-03-22 09:46:16

sorry i mean
Just keep practising..........

tanasastefan responds:

thank you