Hello guys...

2014-04-19 17:07:41 by tanasastefan

Hello , There!

In my last post i said im Dead.. -.- .. well i don't know why i said that.. oh Yes! .. well cuz i was mother fucked bored of making madness combat animation and i didn't want to hear about madness.. because im a noob animator and bla bla blablablalbalbalblal ...

Anyway.. i think i will be back madness combat.. !

I want to start a project.. i don't care if i will be ugly or bad..i will finish it !

Anyway.. in this time when i was "Dead" i made some backgrounds and some sprites



yeah with the Elias weampons ( i know my sprites are ugly )



Background :




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2014-04-19 17:09:07

Ce faci bajete?
Paste fericit!!!!!!!!! =)

tanasastefan responds:

Ms ms.. si ti-e la fel... uite ce sa fac...animez si eu ca ma plictisesc xD!


2014-04-19 20:59:58

They look pretty badass......

tanasastefan responds:

thanks.. pm if you want them.. you don't need to put credits :D