BYe forever im not lying

2014-04-20 14:35:25 by tanasastefan

Goodbye .. and now guys do you want the truth? when i firist joined the NG.. i didnt animated for me or for fun.. i animated because i was very bored of games... and i didnt know what to do .. so i found FLASH AND MADNESS COMBAT ... and i wanted to animatie TO WIN MONEY AND to be FUCKING POPULAR.. but i  see you guys are very retarded.. and you guys don;t care about me when i post a new madness combat test ... or someting.. and you care only when im lying and i post idiots things like my last post SO YOU GUYS ARE SO AYESOME...

BYE ELIAS.. i will dont give afuk about madness or NG I PROMISE.. I WILL STOP OPEN THIS Webssite for ever.. PLEASe i want to be banned..

AND  i dont care what you guys will say .. you can tell me spacefaggot 2 .. or tanasaFAGGOT i dont give a fuck..

BYE FOREVER  i will die in hell if i will open this webssite 1 more time!


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2014-04-20 14:53:40

Okay, you made your own Grave

Aaaaaaaaaaand lost 1 fan


2014-04-21 18:23:16

ಠ_ರೃ wha...?


2014-04-28 13:56:56

..................................vorbesti serios? O_O
naaaaaaaaaaah te-am vazut astazi online XD


2014-05-01 08:17:14

Fuck you.


tanasastefan responds:

you sooooooo mature..


2014-05-01 16:08:47

See,u did'nt leave NG.

you still here...

tanasastefan responds:



2014-05-21 18:34:55

I guess the only solution is to find your happiness somewhere else. Outside of Newgrounds.
Or maybe you are not enjoying Newgrounds the proper way. Newgrounds is not for winning money, it's a creative community - you can talk to many talented, interesting people about animation, game development, music, etc.
By seeking money and popularity you're being egoistic, but you should enjoy what you already have (the community and the ideas in it), not what you cannot get (money, fame).

Why did you ask me to make a project with you in the first place? You wanted to win money on Madness Day? That is how Project Horror was born, so I should thank you for that. However, I postponed the project. I simply decided to make something else.
I'm not trying to gain fame or win a place on MD2014, I'm just trying to make something that will interest other people, and gain satisfaction in the process.
You wanted to make a pixel sidescrolling game about Naruto - that's what you truly want, so go for it.

Maybe you should become more dependent on yourself, and not on other people. Which means, you should find happiness not in the outer world, but within yourself.

(Updated ) tanasastefan responds:

Well.. thank you for you Replay.. but im sorry the things about fame and money was just a lie...
I just raged because i can''t fucking improve animating madness .. i have the same idiot animation style .. and i cant fucking improve..
Anyway.. i will be back .. i got a lot of ideas and Elias is helping me ( i want to do a new madness combat seris.. but one original with parkour .. i mean Assasin Creed.. something like that )

And the Madness project ( the Horror project i think ) that we stoped to make it .. i realy wanted to make it .. but not for popularity or money .. ( i realy joked about that ) i wanted to do it for fun and for Me.. ;) and for the fun of the others guys who wanted to play the game..
I hope you will understand my english..
Have a nice day


2014-05-31 10:58:58

nu faci o postare noua?
asta e cam nasoala :P

tanasastefan responds:

nu xD!


2014-06-30 12:33:44

heeeeeeeeelaw,you still here?

tanasastefan responds:

Sunt inca viu


2014-07-02 20:09:41

You aren't getting popular or winning money because you aren't animating for the right reasons. If you don't enjoy animating than your animations wont come out as good. However you don't need to animate to be popular. You can just be friendly.

tanasastefan responds:

.... this post is very old.. i was joking anyway..


2014-07-08 17:27:35

good thing that it a jokes,
spending time in there without having fun is like losing it in toilet.

+ u will die in hell cuz u open this website 1 more time after this post.

(Updated ) tanasastefan responds:

^^.. i was very fool and idiot when i post this sheet :33.. meeh.. nice you are back!