2014-07-10 05:59:00 by tanasastefan

Hey guys..  im really sorry in what i say in my last post.. i was realy idiot ;/

Anyway.. i hope you guys arent mad at me :o3..

I want to start and give a chance again for madness if you want or not  i made a **** TEST **** 5 % finished

there is ... : http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/c65fc3c875e134a0bd69500601772491      to smooth? tell me the truth please.. i well need any advice to help me..

P.S I want to all of you guys forgot what i say in my last Post .. ;[

Hace a nice day!


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2014-07-10 06:05:21

Most the things there are wrong.
The Body, hands and Head need to have a Bob when hes walking,
The Feet are totally wrong. They were too connected together.
But all and all. Everything was Smooth

tanasastefan responds:

Thank you.. you'r advice helped me ;)!


2014-07-10 06:53:53

Hey where is your collab part?

tanasastefan responds:

Fuk totally forgot about it :3 im gonna start ..


2014-07-10 23:28:46

Lol I think you animated too much with single sprites :P
Just kidding bro, smooth test :)

tanasastefan responds:

nope is true... ^^ i realy animated with single sprites.. time to add Mother fuckers ooops .. i mean enemys


2014-07-11 15:23:12

slow, very slow
try 1337 fps.

tanasastefan responds:

slow? omg.. D::::::::::::: i go fix dat sheet


2014-07-16 13:41:27

nu e rau,ba chiar e destul de smecher :3

tanasastefan responds:

Mersssisiii stiu ca e cuz me mafiot!


2014-07-17 09:30:29

Kai, Kai, Kai, Kai, Kai, Kai, Kai, Kai, Kai, Kai!

tanasastefan responds:

i know !


2014-09-04 23:38:43

So? you ded again?

tanasastefan responds:

Nope .. i just wait to elias finish my sprites because i can't animate withaunt them..


2014-09-08 07:47:22


tanasastefan responds:

tu ce?


2014-09-08 08:47:57

"i just wait to elias finish my sprites because i can't animate withaunt them."
Care Elias....?

tanasastefan responds:

1999Elias :))


2014-09-13 11:39:50



2014-09-14 07:01:01

floare verde de cucuta,m-am besit si astept sa putaaaaa.......

(Updated ) tanasastefan responds:

Foaie verde de malai , Azi nu vreau sa misc un pai , toata ziua pe newgrunds( am scris intetionat )
nu ma doare nici in cuc


2014-10-29 15:12:19

plm au trecut 3 luni fa si tu o postare noua.


2014-11-16 16:53:24

that great.

tanasastefan responds:

this post is older than me