Entry #38


2015-02-25 05:15:19 by tanasastefan

Happy birthday to me ! ^^..

Anyway i see things are dying here.. and to "things' i mean ( madness comunity ) ...

I'm not dead.. i just don't have so much animating , got a lot of things to do ;__; ...

Mayby i will be back with a realy small movie  but not in the style   :  come in a house full of agent's kill them.. then   fucking  dramatic ending..

i see a lot of MD animators started to make BK ( bunny kill ) that's great and very creative.. the legs let you make more action than MD leg's..

Anyway i'm out i need to go school i will make a post later to what i want to achive in this year...   first of them are :  i want to learn to make sprites.. and the most the background's ! and Kkots you realy did a good job i love the way you  draw and you'r animation skill are realy good...  you make realy a cool Knight...

And thank you 1999Elias   for helping me with the sprites.. you realy did a good job ! thank you for belive in me ! ^^

See you later guys,

           I love you ^^


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2015-02-25 05:16:31

Happy Birthday!!!

tanasastefan responds:



2015-02-25 10:01:04

Happy birthday :)

tanasastefan responds:

>:C broo ! :D nice to see you again


2015-02-25 10:58:24

Happy Birthday bro ;)

tanasastefan responds:

Hey bro ! love too see you again !


2015-02-25 11:54:34

happy birthday!! get shit dun!!

tanasastefan responds:

Thank you ^^!


2015-02-25 12:01:50

La multi anus nana.

tanasastefan responds:

Ms bro <3