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2014-01-24 04:30:11 by tanasastefan

i downloaded the flash MX and yes its more easily than others flash..

but... where i can find the madness combat sprites D::

when i open a sprite sheet its sayiny uneexpected file format ..

help plz?

Not dead.. busyyyyyyy

2014-01-23 05:28:42 by tanasastefan

Im trying to do the collab intro and the menu.. but i dont have much time because of that i dont post things

today and tomorow i will do 4 tests to do in school.. ;( i need to learn  

guys.. i need all you characters.. the guys who are in my collabxDD.. only the characters please

Collab D:LDD:D:D;Do120491523

2014-01-12 06:48:25 by tanasastefan

Im Making a Collab

it is not a spam collab its just a normal collab

say in comments if you want to join



Name: I dont know mayby.. Madness Rezoration?



( spacegod105 )

( Frotzer )

( Sanfort )

( 1999Elias )

( Madnesia19 )

( Kkots )

( Empty Slot )

( Empty Slot )

( Empty Slot )



No Porn Clips (seriously guys )

A medium animator Skills... send me a Test so i will see if u can join :]!

Fps Must Be : 30 ^.^


Menu : if annyone want to make a menu tell me.. if you dont want i will make it single..

Who want to make some arts tell me!

Who want to make the intro tell me xD!!


Menu Music: I dont know.. i will look to members on NG.. who make sounds for MC animation :] !

Collab Music: same to music

Credits Music: same to music


So lets start


@1999Elias mayby will the tests you are making you can join the collab :]!

Omg.. im...

2014-01-09 03:25:49 by tanasastefan

 the single guy who use adobe flash proffesional cs 6? D:

And why the fuck u guys say the flash 8 are better than CS 5 or up?...


P.S Sorry @Kkots i cant join any collab.. because the guys who makes the collab have only flash 8 ;_;..

Mayby with the animation i work.. i will make a movie ;/ hmmmhh...

Have a nice day

Omg.. firist person who leaved was kenamii and now zemort...

Cmon guys where is the spirit of Madness Combat? !

Never surrender guys!

Work Hard!

2014-01-05 01:36:22 by tanasastefan

Yeay .. omg im working hard.. a lot of frames..

So Kkots .. you are right i need to work much if i want to have more fans and if i want to be a better animator.. thanks you .. good luck for you troubles!Yeah.. lets do it


2014-01-03 23:45:45 by tanasastefan

Hey guys...

Now i will do a list for what i will do in year 2014 :

1.i will change the profile pics..

2.i will make more madness combat test

3. i will join collab.. ( who know any collab please give me the link i want to join too )

4.more madness

5. bla bla bla bal bla bla.. etc

6. I will try to be more active and i will try to be a better animator

7. make a new character

P.S we lose a good madness combat animator.. YES YOU Kenamii please dont leave NG....

Edit : if another good madness combat animator will left NG .... i will dont give a fuk.. its your life .. but i will realy dont understand why you are doing this

Happy new year!

2013-12-31 11:28:18 by tanasastefan

Happy new year .. but to me its still 5 hours :D so happy new year to you guys!

Hey guys.. im back ! :D

2013-12-26 17:30:21 by tanasastefan

Yes.. im still alive.. but i didnt animated for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooong time ! so i maked some test :D

Now i know how to work with mask so here is the test : http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/fd851eed59991b8c0ba678e2dd844742        i dont know how to make falling dead guys D::: !

shooting test :D  :        http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/7ce722a7dc1112f5c76cccb92e0e92da

P.S please .. i realy want to have more fans ... if you are a good guy please help me with this :D !       sorry i know those are not my sprites so dont make a rude comment about this..

See u later guys !